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Congratulations on being a Frilliance Rep. The Frilliance Rep Program is an opportunity to make money and be be part of a teen movement. We are creating a new way for beauty products to be developed and sold focused on teen success. 


Frilliance Rep Resources

The Frilliance Rep Resources here are designed to help you learn more about selling and marketing Frilliance and growing your side hustle. 


Getting Started 

Welcome Emails

Once you're officially enrolled and approved, be sure to check your email. We send out the series of emails listed here:

  • confirming your Personal Website link is active
  • electronic version of Policy & Guidelines 
  • discount code for Starter Kit, if interested
  • marketing and sales materials to help you make money 

 Welcome Presentation 

 Click here for a short overview on Getting Started as a Frilliance Rep.


Always Get The Latest Info | 3 Ways We Stay In Touch 

Be sure you always get the latest info on the Frilliance Rep program. 
  1. Email. The email you provided when you enrolled. Sometime you might have to check SPAM for our emails. 
  2. Text. To receive text alerts that are exclusive to Frilliance Reps that have officially enrolled, text TTREP to 498-82. TTREP is exclusive to Top-Tier Reps. 
  3. Geneva App.  This is exclusive to you — Frilliance Reps that have officially signed up. We have created a special Frilliance Rep Group on the Geneva app (available for iPhone and Android). Use this link here to join the private group exclusively for Reps. Frilliance Geneva Group is a way for you to communicate with each other, DM Fiona or other Reps, share ideas on sales and marketing, and for Frilliance to post photos, videos, and ideas to help you build your business. 


Video Chats with Fiona Every Other Week

Fiona is hosting video chats on Geneva* every other week. We'll chat about sales & marketing advice, all things makeup, tips & tricks on how to grow your social media. Then just chat about teen life in general. 
Upcoming Schedule (all at 2PM Pacific Time): Sept 17, 30
*Join the Frilliance Rep private Geneva chat at the link listed above


5 Tips for (new) Frilliance Reps

  1. Post on Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a great way to grow all your social media accounts and to let them know about Frilliance too.

    Frilliance Photo & Video Library: we frequently add photos for you to use besides your own unique way of showcasing Frilliance. Library at the bottom of page:

  2. Let your friends and family know you are a Frilliance Rep and why you use Frilliance products — your friends and family are your top prospects to start selling.

    Sample text messages and scripts are here for you to message or call directly:

  3. Learn about Frilliance's clean ingredients and claims.

    Always mention we are cruelty-free too! 

  4. Communicate what makes Frilliance unique: Frilliance is formulated specifically for teen skin to blocks breakout, not clog pores, and uses safer, cruelty-free ingredients. 

    Find more ideas for talking up Frilliance’s benefits here:

  5. Post fun tutorials using Frilliance on your social.

    We usually repost on Frilliance social and tag you back. 


Current Promotions

June - July Incentives 

Incentive dates: June 1 to August 31, 2021

Let's grow our Frilliance Rep team together!


  • Tier 1 Incentive: For each teen you refer* to the Rep program, you will get $5 towards a gift card of your choice. An example: If you refer 5 people (and they complete all the requirements*), you will get a $25 gift card.
*Rep referral requirements:
- When the Rep signs up at, they must fill in your Rep Referral Code field, as shown below. Your Rep Referral Code is Personal Website name, as shown below:
- The new Rep must sign up and join our Geneva Chat. (Use this link here to join the private group exclusively for Reps:
- The new Rep must join 1 (one) Geneva Video Chat with Fiona and the Rep Team. The Rep must on for more than 15 minutes of the Video Chat. You or the new Rep must screen shot Geneva showing they joined the call.
-The Frilliance Team will send an email each time a new Rep joins using your Referral code -- this way you can encourage them to join our Geneva chats and guide them through starting out as a Frilliance Rep.
-At the end of the Incentive period (July 31, 2021), you will submit the Geneva screen shots of your Rep referrals to

  • Tier 2 Incentive: Sell $75+ in Frilliance retails sales** --> Get at $15 gift card to Ulta
    **Commissions calculated on retail sales. See Rep policy & guidelines for commission calculation. You will receive your commission plus the gift card.

    Get a Shout Out on the Frilliance IG Story

    The Frilliance PR Team has created a fun Rep Profile and Photo opportunity you! We'd love to give you a shout out on the Frilliance IG account.

    Read all the details here:


    Marketing & Sales 

    This section has marketing and sales info to help you learn more about how to find new customers/prospects and speak Frilliance's language key selling points. 

    Going Beyond Social Media to Find Prospects

    Reaching out directly to prospects, friends & family with text messages or direct messages is one of the best ways to engage and make Frilliance sales.

    This link below includes sample scripts for contacting prospects to start a conversation and get you closer to a sale.


    Speaking Frilliance's Language | Key Selling Points 

    Speak Frilliance's language with these key selling points to help you engage with prospects and customers on social media, text, DMs, calls, and more. 

    Find your Frilliance selling points here:


    Frilliance Sales Cycle & Prospecting

    Learn about the sales cycle and finding new Frilliance customers and prospects. At this link you will find a brainstorming list to help you find new prospects.


    Frilliance Photo Libraries 

    Holiday Bundle Gift Sets photo library + captions - updated 11-27-2020

    Fiona's 17th Birthday photo library - updated 10-09-2020

    Product & Brand video library - updated 09-18-2020

    Swatch photo library - updated 09-10-2020 

    General use photo library - updated 08-21-2020

    Back to School photo library - updated 08-17-2020


    More Info

    Frilliance Rep FAQ 

    Frilliance Rep Dashboard