Good to Know

  • My Skin Story: Frustration to Frilliance

    My skin has been one of the toughest journeys I’ve ever had to face (no pun intended!). I was frustrated with breaking out and covering and breaking out even more. It seemed like a vicious (evil!) cycle.
  • Never use these 3 ingredients on teen, acne-prone skin

    Frilliance ingredients are always skin-safe for teen and acne-prone skin. But we want you to know the top 3 pore-clogging ingredients we never use. 
  • Together we’re better: Make money and be your own boss

    Frilliance Direct Retail gives teens the power to build their confidence, put their best face forward, and get their inner entrepreneur on the road to success.
  • Maskne? Mask Acne: Fight Back Like a Superhero

    Mask acne is real and if your face is feeling the effects, here's what you can do to get rid of or, better yet, prevent maskne.
  • Acne to Clear Skin | My Everyday Skincare Routine

    I am sharing my real and simple skincare routine that cleared my acne in this video. It took me over to formulate and create the Perfecting Primer+Serum. This product is a key part of my morning and evening skincare routine. 
  • Perfecting Primer+Serum | Could this be your new best friend?

    The Perfecting Primer + Serum has a reliable formula that actively works to stop acne while providing soothing, healthy, specific care for teen-prone skin.
  • Stress & Acne: A Diabolical Duo

    Can you relate? It's a day or two before a big event---a high school dance, a big exam, or an important meeting---and you'd swear they are out to get you because TADA! a surprise break out of pimples show up on your face. Ugh! This scenario plays out so many times that you probably don’t need an...
  • My Everyday Makeup Featuring Frilliance

    Fiona's fresh everyday makeup tutorial featuring Frilliance and her other fave makeup brands. Natural everyday makeup for teens and teen-prone skin.




  • Frilliance Ingredients: What we have (and don't have)

    Frilliance takes the job of being nice to you and your skin seriously. We are committed to quality and, well, goodness! Frilliance ingredients have been shown to be safe in regular use and we will always strive to exclude any ingredient that is harsh or puts your health at risk.


  • Frilliance Makeup Brushes | Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 100% Synthetic, Hypo-allergenic

    Ideal for teen-prone and sensitive skin, these makeup brushes work perfectly with your favorite Frilliance makeup products or any other brands.
  • Frilliance Makeup Reviews by Teen YouTubers

    See what other teens are saying about Frilliance! Frilliance makeup reviews by Annie LeBlanc, Summer McKeen, Annie Rose and other up-and-coming YouTubers.
  • Face Mapping & Acne

    Face mapping is an ancient practice rooted in Ayurveda teaching and Chinese medicine. Let’s take a look at what face mapping has to say about teen-prone breakouts. 
  • Coconut Oil = Comedogenic?

    So, what’s the story behind coconut oil and acne-prone (aka teen-prone) skin?
  • Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Teen-Prone Skin

    My fresh makeup tutorial for teen-prone skin. So, get ready to put your best face forward---naturally happy, beautifully bright.
  • What Makeup Means to Me... Why I Started Frilliance

    I actually had an unconventional path to becoming a YouTuber. I never set out to be a social influencer, but fell into it by just doing the things I love. Makeup has always mesmerized me. 
  • Teen-Prone Skin

    What is teen-prone skin? We’re glad you asked! Fiona coined the term “teen-prone” skin to create a kinder way of saying “acne- or pimple-prone skin.” Who likes to say ”acne” or “pimple”?! Ugh.
  • What is Non-Comedogenic?

    Non-comedogenic is a fancy word that means not likely to cause comedones (or clogged pores). Getting more scientific, a “comedo” is a blocked pore.