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My Story

Finding Happiness Pursuing My Passions

I never set out to be anything other than myself. I fell into being a social influencer and entrepreneur by simply following my interests and doing the things I love. Being real, happy, and inspired is what both Frilliance and my YouTube channels are all about because that’s what I am all about.

A Rough Start

There have been some difficulties along the way. School started out fine; it was smooth sailing for me until second grade. I had some learning challenges early on. I could barely read in first grade, but l was young and said to just be a “late reader.” Then second-grade rolls around and I couldn't read at all, so tutors were hired to help me. Nothing worked. Seeking answers, I had my eyes carefully tested and it turns out I am legally blind in my left eye. Well, dang, my school life sucked before glasses.

Makeup has always mesmerized me.

Problem Solving

Since I had trouble reading, I turned to watching YouTube videos instead of books and magazines for everything including makeup tips and info (I LOVE all things makeup). I started to film my own DIY projects using the web cam on my MacBook. When I was 10 years old, my mom noticed my interest and asked if I wanted to start a YouTube channel as part of my homeschooling. Of course I said, yes!

Going Further

I took to visual media like a fish to water. My curiosity took me further and further as I followed my heart. I wanted to try acting and so, with help from my mom, I got an agent in LA. I’ve since hosted several Disney shows, worked as an actor in television commercials, and I continue to work hard behind the camera in producing and editing my own videos for my YouTube channel (now boasting almost 80+ million views. Welcome to the party!).

Teen-Prone Happens

Obviously, I love and have always loved all things makeup and am obsessed with trying new products. I also know what it’s like to have teen skin. When I started breaking out with pimples, I decided to research makeup ingredients to see if that could be the problem. I found that so many products use ingredients that can actually cause acne and pimples or make them worse! Yikes! No teen wants that! Inspired, I started from scratch and formulated my makeup line for what I call “teen-prone” skin, a kinder way to say “acne or pimple-prone skin.” Who likes those words?! Ugh.


I loved creating this line so much. I didn’t settle for just any formulations because I want the best for you! I worked with my lab to create products that work best for teen-prone skin and help you be your most glowing self. Makeup should be easy, affordable, and enjoyable. The first products I created are my favorite makeup products – highlighter, blush, facial mist, and lip gloss. Frilliance gives you a natural, healthy look that puts the emphasis on YOU not your makeup. Creating this brand and these products has been the happy beginning of an important personal journey and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of where I am.

I’m glad you’re here. Teen-prone just got a lot better!