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Clean cosmetics that fight acne and nurture healthy teen skin

…created by an actual teenager.

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Hey. I'm Fiona.

If you’re a teenager like me, you need clean, affordable skincare and makeup that won’t break you out.

I created Frilliance to help teens feel confident and empowered in their skin.

Every product at Frilliance is developed and tested by me, a real teen with sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Teen-Tested, Teen-Approved

"I absolutely LOVE this product. Always get compliments of how clear my skin is and it smells DIVINE. It really does work and is the best product I’ve found. Frilliance will be my go to products from now on, Thank you Fiona!"

- Natalie

"Truly my favorite clear lip gloss right now. Perfect shine and last really nicely even when it wears off my lips feel hydrated still and not chapped. And it’s not sticky at all!!"

- Karina

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