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Maskne? Mask Acne: Fight Back Like a Superhero

Maskne? Mask Acne: Fight Back Like a Superhero
Maskne? Mask Acne: Fight Back Like a Superhero

Did Catwoman use gentle cleansers?

Batman, Catwoman, Spiderman,… they all wear masks and in light of recent news, did they all have good skincare habits? Typically on the faces of comic book characters or nurses and surgeons, there are now a lot more masks around these days as regular people everywhere deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.

With all this material now rubbing up against faces, some people started noticing another kind of outbreak and, wait, what? A new villain was born---maskne (or mascne). Zits caused by mask irritation. First response to this developing news? Nooooooo! Murder hornets are bad, sure, but we can probably avoid those fairly easily but maskne? Could hit at any time! Did Batman have to deal with this?
Mask acne is real and if your face is feeling the effects, here's what you can do to get rid of or, better yet, prevent maskne.


1. Wash your face mask regularly.

Ideally, hand wash your face mask everyday hand with gentle soap (so your mask is free of harsh detergents). Better yet, have 3-4 masks to swap out frequently. If using disposable masks, use a mask no more than 8 hours before changing.

2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Your face! Keep it clean and healthy. The goal is to gently wash off dirt and bacteria while taking care of your skin. Avoid irritating your face. No scrubbing or exfoliating.  Use a non-comedogenic cleanser (twice a day is recommended).

3. Use a non-comedogenic serum.

Add a face-friendly serum that keeps the fight going. Frilliance Clear Skin Serum gently but effectively adds a layer of antibacterial ingredients (like L-Mandelic Acid and Niaminacide) that fight maskne-causing bacteria. Lock in the powers of serum with a spritz of hydrating and nourishing Frilliance Facial Mist. Take that, maskne!

4. Moisturize.

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Make sure whatever you reach for is non-comedogenic  — don’t use coconut oil-based or cocoa butter based oils. Jojoba oil- or shea butter- based formulas are kinder to acne-prone skin. If your skin is very dry yet suffering breaking outs, you might want to try moisturizing with straight jojoba oil or shea butter. All of our Frilliance makeup is designed as skincare and includes effective moisturizing and hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil and shea butter!

5. Use skin-friendly makeup!

Use products that are formulated to be light (won’t clog pores) and created to support healthy skin, not just cover up your skin. Frilliance products are multipurpose makeup that looks good but are also designed to be skincare.  Our highlighter is light and able to be layered smoothly on cheekbones, forehead, even your eyes but also delivers clean moisture and hydration. Win/win!

Fight back with a smile

Be the total package, have it all, and put our skincare makeup to work for you. Get your glow on, be your pretty self with our best-value Everything + Perfecting Frilliance Kit and know we’ve got your back, fighting villainous maskne with powerful ingredients in every formula... like a superhero.