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Keys to Selling | Frilliance Rep Program

Speaking Frilliance’s Language (Key Selling Points)

We are providing these as a launching point for you to find the best way to talk (social media, text, DMs, calls, etc) to new customers, prospects, and friends & family. We are providing these as informational. You do not have to use verbatim. You can use these however and whenever fits best for you!

The Frilliance Brand

Our mission is to be the number one teen-beauty brand powered by teen collaboration creating a new way for beauty products to be developed and sold.

  • Frilliance is authentically doing exactly what we set out to do---be more than just makeup...
  • We successfully provide targeted, teen-focused skincare-makeup.
  • Not just another brand selling eyeshadow palettes or limited-edition lipgloss colors, Frilliance is fresh, clean, teen cosmetics that actually fight acne and nurture healthy skin. Few brands offer one-stop-shopping convenience of acne treatment seamlessly delivered in clean, teen-conscious makeup.
  • Frilliance is developed for teens by a teen. Fiona, Frilliance creator, a Gen-Z influencer with 1,000,000+ followers and an impressive 150,000,000+ views on YouTube.
  • Fiona started Frilliance because she was frustrated with beauty brands that didn’t (and still don’t) understand teen skin like yours (and mine). Frilliance is formulated specifically for teen skin to blocks breakout, not clog pores, and use safer, cruelty-free ingredients.
  • Our authentic voices lead teen creativity and opportunity. Why? Beauty is not just skin deep but it's a great place to start when you're battling breakouts. Frilliance paves the way for teen confidence and the authentic, brilliant beauty everyone has to shine.


Frilliance Product Info & Descriptions

Here is wide variety of ways to talk about Frilliance products.

  • Frilliance is clean, skincare cosmetics focused on safely controlling breakouts for teen- skin and providing simple and easy healthy-skin solutions---all at affordable prices as a trusted, go-to brand.
  • Block breakouts with our clean, skincare cosmetics.
  • Healthy skin and fewer breakouts with clean, skincare cosmetics.
  • Clean, skincare cosmetics for healthy skin, fewer breakouts.
  • Clear, healthy skin with clean, skincare cosmetics.
  • Clean, skincare cosmetics for clear, healthy skin.
  • Get glowing with good-for-your skin makeup.
  • Frilliance is made with proven formulations featuring key ingredients brought to you straight from Mother Nature.
  • Your poor pores! Set aside mucky makeup. Teen-prone skin needs clean moisture and soothing ingredients that work.
  • Frilliance is blended with essential oils and proven ingredients that won’t clog your pores.
  • Frilliance is the original teen skin beauty solution.
  • Made with tried-and-true ingredients that won’t clog your pores and the power of essential oils, Frilliance was made for you. Get ready for beautiful, teen skin.
  • Frilliance. Beauty products made specifically for teen-prone skin. Brilliant! We’re ready to meet your face.
  • For teens, created by a teen, Frilliance knows teen-prone skin. Naturally happy, beautifully bright is what you’ll get.


Claims & No Yucky Stuff

  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores!)
  • Cruelty-free / Animal-friendly (we love animals!)
  • Hypoallergenic (won't bother sensitive skin)
  • No Synthetic Fragrance (ideal for ALL skin types)
  • Dermatologist tested
  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Petroleum
  • No Artificial Colorants
  • No Formaldehyde Releasers


Safer ingredients

  • Safe and effective is at the core of who we are.
  • Fiona's creative process is focused on plant-based sources, what works, and what heals and refreshes teen-prone skin.
  • We're proud of every single ingredient we use in our products, and we list them all here: Why do we use natural and synthetic ingredients? It's simple. Using the best combination of ingredients means you get the most effective product for your money.
  • Fiona, the founder of Frilliance says, "It’s all in the blend. If you use only natural ingredients, they can spoil quickly and not last very long. If you use just synthetics, you miss out on some very gentle but super effective essential oils.”
  • It's the thoughtful mix of proven synthetic ingredients and beautifully effective “naturals” that create the gentle yet effective power of Frilliance products.


Frilliance Direct Retail

If you’re asked what exactly is Direct Retail or a Frilliance Rep, here are a few snippets.

  • Frilliance is a multi-channel company. We sell direct via our own website, through Amazon, and now our network of Direct Retail Reps.
  • Frilliance Direct Retail is an opportunity to make money while being part of a movement.
  • Frilliance is leading the teen evolution as a teen-beauty brand powered by teen collaboration.
  • We are creating a new way for beauty products to be developed and sold focused on teen success.
  • Created by teens for teens, we give teens fresh confidence and offer innovative, real-life business opportunities.
  • More info here:


Fiona Bio & Background

At the age of 13, Fiona decided to turn her frustration and obsession of makeup into a beauty brand and began developing her own makeup line specifically for teen skin. She personally formulated and designed all the products in her line Frilliance.

More info here:


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