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Sales Scripts | Frilliance Rep Program

Going Beyond Social Media | Sales Text Scripts

Another sales tactic is reaching out directly prospects by text or direct messages. This is one way to start to connect with your prospects directly and start a personal conversation. Click here for a brainstorm list for finding more prospects.


Intro texts: starting your new business

  • Tell me what you think! I've created my own business opportunity and am pretty excited about it.
  • I've got a new business and would love your opinion.
  • I'm self-employed! Tell me what you think...
  • New job--would love to tell you about it!
  • What do you think? I'm selling a new product line for teens and would love your opinion.
  • I've found some awesome product and I want your opinion.
  • Can you try something out for me?
  • Need your opinion! New beauty products, so good.
  • Talk to me about my new job/products?

Clear Skin texts: Focused on clear, clean skin

  • I'm in love with my face again. Do you know Frilliance?
  • My skin is SO happy! Talk to me.
  • Clear skin and I'm pretty excited about who, how, and why!

Teen Movement texts: Teens helping teens

  • I'm all in. Being a teen just got better.
  • Yay, teen me! Great new opportunity, great brand.
  • FINALLY, someone gets it. Real teen opportunity is here.
  • Better together (and I'm looking good). I love being a teenager.
  • High/middle school just got easier because WE are making this better.
  • Teens are the best! I'm all in making it better.

Follow Up: Now send them your Personal Website link

  • Depending on the response, you can follow-up with you Personal Website link.  
  • Save this. You can buy and save using my link: xxxxxx
  • If you want to try it out, get it cheaper with my link: xxxxxxx
  • If you buy with my link, you'll get a discount: xxxxxxxxx
  • I'm still loving Frilliance. Try it and save 25%: xxxxxx
  • Get a big discount if you order with my link: xxxxxx

Back To School: more texts on back to school

  • A new school year and you'll own it better than ever. Get your skin fresh and clear. (link)
  • 2020 may suck but your skin won't. Get glowing... (link)
  • Time for school, time to teach your skin a lesson in gorgeous. (link)
  • Back to school may be online. Get in front of that webcam, gorgeous! (link)
  • Online school in 2020? Spotlight on you and your fresh, clear skin! (link)


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