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Rep Profile for Instagram | Frilliance Rep Program

Promoting Frilliance Reps on the Frilliance IG Story

This is available exclusively to Frilliance Reps that have signed up on

What You Need to Submit?

  • 2 (or more) selfie style photos of you (vertical/portrait)) with Frilliance products on and showing one product in your hand or something fun and creative.
  • 1 video tutorial that is less than 30 sections (vertical/portrait) of you applying Frilliance. You are not required to submit a video. You do not need to talk in the video but you can if you want to.
  • Fill out the following questions below.


Rep Profile Questions

  1. Name: (you can provide your first name only)
  2. IG Handle: (whichever one you want to promote)
  3. State or Country you live in:
  4. Can’t live without: (can be makeup, or anything like particular food, products, people, really anything) list out 4-5 things in the order you would want to appear.
  5. Favorite makeup hack: (this doesn’t have to be with Frilliance —  anything that is a hack but not a particular brand — no mention of other brands — just a hack you like.)
  6. Words to live by: (inspirational - keep it to a short sentence or quote)
  7. What do you always have on you? (This is what you carry with you. List out 3-4 things in order of you would want to appear.
  8. Favorite Frilliance product(s): 

Important Notes

  • Take photos and video in good lighting (front lighting) and vertical. Use your cell phone. We want genuine, fun, authentic photos/videos (nothing to polished).
  • The Frilliance PR Team might ask for updates to photos, video or information submitted before posting on Frilliance IG Story.
  • The Frilliance PR Team will decide if photo or video or both will be posted on Frilliance IG Story.
  • Everyone submitting will be promoted but the Frilliance PR Team might ask for updates to information, video, and photo submitted.
  • Your video might be included on Tik Tok. The Frilliance PR Team will decide which, if any are used on Tik Tok.
  • The Frilliance PR Team will decide the order and when Rep Profiles will be posted on the Frilliance IG Story.
  • The Frilliance PR Team has sole discretion now on the content to be posted. If adjustments or edits are needed, the team will let you know through email.

Where to Submit

Email with the above details. Please put the subject as Rep Profile for IG: Your Name.

If you have questions, please email