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Why You Are Breaking Out & How To Solve It

hey there, struggling with your skin is one of the hardest things as a teen -- it’s a very confusing. 


trust me, i know first hand!  trying to understand why your skin is doing the things it’s doing is frustrating.


today i’m going to share you what i have learned & what works for me (and teens that i have personally helped with their skin issues).


step #1: drink water, drink more water, drink so much water! (you get the point) it flushes out nasty toxins from your body and your skin.


step #2: understand what you’re putting on your skin. name brand cosmetics constantly false market & say their products are for acne. in reality they aren’t. research the brands you use & see how transparent they are.


Frilliance products are all:

-non-comedogenic aka won't clog pores

-dermatologist-tested & hypoallergenic



    we share all of our ingredients, what they do, how they are rated on the comedogenic scale  & even the rating on my website. 


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    step #3: some acne is caused by food sensitivities or allergies. personally, my food sensitivities pop out on my face! right when i eat the wrong food, i can tell in my gut and then a few days later on my face.


    the main foods that can cause acne:


    -gluten aka bread

    -bad oils like in deep fried food, chips, packaged snacks

    -processed sugar (NOT fruit)

        i know you may be thinking “what do i eat” but there are so many alternatives that genuinely taste good (i promise)! 


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