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Stress & Acne: A Diabolical Duo

Stress & Acne: A Diabolical Duo
Stress & Acne: A Diabolical Duo
Can you relate? It's a day or two before a big event---a high school dance, a big exam, or an important meeting---and you'd swear they are out to get you because TADA! a surprise break out of pimples show up on your face. Ugh! This scenario plays out so many times that you probably don’t need an expert (or an official scientific study) to tell you there is a link between stress and acne breakouts in teens.

But why, you ask? 

Studies have shown that teens notice more acne outbreaks when they are in stressful situations. This stress triggers more oil to be released and we know that's what can clog up your pores. Plus, that annoying red bump can become a giant beacon if it's severely irritated (messed with or picked). But there is hope! Dermatologists recommend that teens use some basic anxiety-reducing measures in life and take proper care of their skin. But watch out... lurking behind the scenes (causing more trouble) are many teen makeup brands that actually trigger acne outbreaks because they clog your skin's pores. What's a troubled face to do?

Proper Care for Teen Skin

You can reduce your chances for skin breakouts by taking the proper care of your just-wanna-be-happy skin. This includes a daily, gentle cleansing routine using products that are irritant-free. Some teens make the mistake of roughly scrubbing the pimple-prone areas of their face on a quest for clean and clear but that rough handling only increases skin irritation (skin stress!). Teen-prone skin tends to be oilier so teens should only use products that don't trap these natural skin oils. That means being extra careful and kind to your face especially during times of stress in your life. Teens can also keep skin breakouts controlled by not touching their faces a lot and avoiding rough scrubbing, picking, or squeezing.

Basic Techniques to Keep Skin Breakouts Away

Those that have teen-prone skin and suffer from frequent skin breakouts can decrease the size and number of breakouts by following some common sense guidelines.

Healthy Foods
You are what you eat! The food you eat plays a significant role in the appearance and overall health of your skin. When a person does not get the right amount of vitamins and minerals each day, their skin is one of the first areas to suffer.

Clean and gentle
Create a daily, gentle cleansing routine with products that are irritant-free. Gently cleanse your skin without being too rough. Use products that specifically meet the needs of teen skin.

Get your Zzzzz's
Getting the proper amount of sleep each night is also crucial for clearer complexions. Sleep is important to support healthy hormone balance and optimum metabolism plus it's a calm time for you entire body (no stress). A good night's sleep is beneficial not just for your skin but your overall health.

Reduce Stress
Any method the reduces the amount of stress in your life goes a long way in controlling acne-type breakouts. Listening to music, taking walks, soaking in a tub, and just chillin' with friends can all help keep your free from outbreaks.

Other Important Rules for Beautiful Skin

Teens should use teen makeup products that are made to work with teen skin qualities (hint hint: Frilliance!). Don't skimp on following good skin habits every day. Your face will thank you for all the tender love and care.

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