Teen-Prone Skin

What is teen-prone skin? We’re glad you asked! Fiona coined the term “teen-prone” skin to create a kinder way of saying “acne- or pimple-prone skin.” Who likes to say ”acne” or “pimple”?! Ugh. Frilliance products are non-comedogenic and formulated specifically for teen-prone skin. Teen skin goes through a lot changes and it is not all bad. Frilliance won’t clog pores and leaves skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Why a teen-prone t-shirt?

Too often, “teen” gets a bad rap and hearing it frequently conjures up only the negative---pimples, rebellion, unsure (or too sure), loud and boisterous (or quiet and brooding), plus a whole lot more. What teen hasn’t been accused of teen-type behavior? But being a teen is a pretty awesome time of life! The teen years are an exciting time of self-discovery, learning, emotional growth, gathering independence, finding your voice, and individual confidence. Teen-prone is better than ever! You can buy t-shirts here.