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What is Non-Comedogenic?

November 08 2017

What is Non-Comedogenic?
What is Non-Comedogenic?

Scientifically Speaking

Non-comedogenic is a fancy word that means not likely to cause comedones (or clogged pores). Getting more scientific, a “comedo” is a blocked pore. The claim non-comedogenic means the ingredients in makeup and skincare products are known not to clog pores.

Frilliance Formation = Non-Comedogenic

Frilliance is the original brand formulated specifically for teen-prone skin. Behind this approach to happy, teen-prone skin is beauty social influencer, Fiona Frills. Working for you, is Fiona’s own personal experience with break outs. While researching makeup ingredients, she discovered so many products use ingredients that actually cause acne! No teen wants that. Inspired, Fiona found her mission and started from scratch, formulating Frilliance products specifically for teen-prone skin.

If you have teen-prone skin (acne, blackheads, or are prone to clogged pore), using noncomedogenic makeup and skincare, like Frilliance can help reduce the number of breakouts you get.