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Rep Program How to Grow Your Social Media

How to Grow Your Social Media | Summary from Rep Call with Fiona & Reave Bowman on July 30, 2021

Reave's Instagram 

What I learned growing social media account (in particular Instagram)
-Takes hard work
-Being consistent (most important because of algorithms)
-Always coming up with new ideas
-Being consistent (just missing a few regular scheduled posts and saw drop in engagement)

How to grow on social media (in particular Instagram)
-Be sure to change to business account
-Be active and consistent
-Be interactive (commenting, responding, surveys, etc)
-Follow trends
-Use #hashtags that relate to post (try to find #'s that are not used as much and relate to your post)
-Use # of the brands you are using in the post
-Include products you are using in the thumbnail (that relate to the post)
-A simple clear bio on what you do

On coming up with ideas
-Create a personal/private Pinterest board for inspirations and new looks
-Look at accounts similar to your following count for ideas (not to copy). Also look at their #

How to contact brands by email
-Get straight to the point
-Make it personal to the specific brand you are pitching
-Include your engagement. Engagement in many cases in more important than following
-Include your demographics of your following (can get once you convert to business account)
-Tell them what you will do for them/with their brand/products
-Find the contact us page for the brand to find email sometimes they have a specific contact for their PR programs

How to avoid scam brands
-Check their website
-Verify if the email matches the website address (and/or contact info on their website)
-Check their engagement on social media (might have a big following but only get 10 likes for example)
-Search the brand name hashtag to see if others are posting on this brand
-You should never had to pay for shipping or the product (that is not a brand PR program).

School, work, social media balance
Make a weekly schedule and stick to it
Create to-do lists
Stay motivated
Yes, it is difficult but can be done!

A special thanks to Reave for joining this call with Fiona and sharing tips on growing social media.