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Fiona Frills is a 16-year-old beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur. Since launching her YouTube channel at the age of 10, she has amassed a fan base of over 1 Million followers.

At the age of 13, Fiona decided to turn her obsession of makeup into a beauty brand and began developing her own makeup line, Frilliance. She personally formulated and designed all the products in the line, which are available on

Fiona started her career as a model and actress, appearing on Disney Channel’s GameOn and several national commercials.



Frilliance is a makeup and skincare line for teens created by popular teen influencer, Fiona Frills. Our focus is clean beauty - we make natural products that won’t irritate your skin or cause acne. Fiona set out to make the products she wants as a teen battling acne and someone who cares about health and natural beauty. We hope you love these products as much as we do.

Frilliance products are always: non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and cruelty-free!

We're proud of every single ingredient we use in our products, and we list them all here. Fiona's creative process is focused on plant-based sources, what works, and what heals and refreshes teen-prone skin.  

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YouTuber Creator | 1,000,000+ followers
Popular Teen Influencer | Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Lifestyle— with a dash of goofiness
Social Media | Instagram, Snapchat, FaceBook, Twitter
Actor & Model Crossover | featured on Disney Channel, national brand commercials
Live Broadcaster | YouNow & YouTube Live
Age 16 | genuine, athletic California girl in 11th grade & homeschooled
Entrepreneur | at the age of 13 created her own makeup line, Frilliance
Self-Relient | films, edits, creates all her videos
Current | work permit, Coogan account, and non-union
Casting Sites | LA Casting, SF Casting, ActorsAccess, Casting Frontier, Skybolt


YouTube Fiona Frills channel
YouTube FionaFrills Vlogs channel
Instagram @fionafrills
Instagram @frilliance
Twitter @fionafrills
Facebook @fionafrills
Snapchat @fionafrills



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