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NFT Heading

The [name TBD] is a limited-release membership rewards program of 5,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for our most devoted customers. Unlock each level for free products, exclusive access to our research and development team, and the chance to join our private skincare fanatic community.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Mutual Follow

Join the club to get access to our private Frilliance Discord group to learn all of the skincare secrets you never knew you needed, a free skincare consultation with Fiona, and a set of our best-selling Pimple Patches as a thank you for being you.

How to Unlock This Level:


What Do I Get?:

  • Our limited-edition token
  • Access to our private Discord group
  • Free one-on-one skincare consultation with Fiona
  • Free product — our Pimple Patches

New Friends

Participate in the discourse on Discord, post about us on social (we’re blushing ☺️), or purchase a product to earn free pre-releases on our newest product drops and tell us what you think (really!!!) in our private group chat.

How to Unlock This Level:

Participate regularly on our private Discord group, post regularly about us on social media, or purchase a Frilliance product

What Do I Get?:

  • All of the perks from our Mutual Follow level
  • Sneak-peek product releases
  • Access to our private feedback chat


Let’s commit!! Purchase $150 of Frilliance over [time period] or sell $300 of Frilliance products through our Rep program (🙏🏻 thank you!!) or purchase our cheeky li’l NFT to unlock our Close Friends Discord and join our VIP Advisory Board where we create and develop new products — that you get to keep, for free!!

How to Unlock This Level:

Join our Rep Program and sell $300 worth of Frilliance or purchase $150 of Frilliance or purchase this level for [$TBD]

What Do I Get?:

  • All of the perks from our New Friends level
  • Access to our Close Friends Discord
  • Access to our product testing and development board
  • free new-release Frilliance products


An NFT, also known as a “non-fungible token” is a limited-edition membership to our VIP rewards programs. We are only releasing 5,000 unique tokens to access our community, so act fast!

Choose the level of access that you’d like to gain and complete the eligibility requirements (purchasing, posting on social media, etc.) to unlock each NFT. 

Once you’ve received your NFT, head to [www.novel.com wallet link here] where you can either create your own digital wallet to store collected NFTs or link an existing digital wallet. 

Once you’ve set up your digital wallet on Novel, you’ll be able to mint your Frilliance NFT and store it there for safekeeping (no lost wallets here!).

I was already a big fan of the Facial Mist and how it has really helped my sensitive skin. The Primer+Serum is such a great addition to my skincare routine. I put this on in morning and night time. I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. This is making my face much better. Thanks Fiona!

- Molly H.

These two products together are helping with my break outs. The serum is smooth and cooling and great ingredients for fighting acne. I use the facial mist 2-4 times during the day. This stops redness and bumps and break outs. Thanks Fiona!

- Heidi R.

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