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Is school miserable for you too?

hey, you wanted to hear more about my past -- before YouTube & Frilliance -- it was not a good time for me as a kid in school. 


it all ties into why i am & who i am today and why i started Frilliance.


i was born is northern california in 2003. fast forward 4 years to elementary school, when my life was miserable (so dramatic i know haha).


i started really struggling with all things book-related. i could never understand what i was learning, i was made fun for not understanding. kids never wanted to do projects with me because i was known as the “dummy.”


getting called on to read out loud made every part of my body shake. the kids laughed & the teachers never helped. 


i went through a ton of testing and evaluations with no real results for most of 3rd grade. 


i was unhappy (& miserable to be around).  i didn't understand why i was different from other kids.


as a last resort, i went to a summer school for kids with learning problems. my teacher noticed that my eyes darted around while reading (& i skipped entire lines when reading out loud).


turns out i’m legally blind in my left eye & my eyes don't work together (the official condition is amblyopia). on top of that, i am dyslexic. i needed glasses & special vision therapy.


i started filming makeup videos on my laptop & uploading on YouTube. makeup became my best friend. it was my way of ranting & expressing myself through my makeup.


makeup saved me (sounds super dramatic but it’s true). then i started making my own lip glosses on the kitchen stove.  


here’s one of my first makeup videos on YouTube (hehe).

fast forward. (i have wonderful contacts & can see haha.) my passions turned into my makeup brand Frilliance.


Frilliance was created because i wanted to help you (aka teens) feel happy in your skin. 


makeup should be easy to apply, affordable, and made with ingredients that nurture your teen skin.


i just filmed a makeup tutorial for you: how to look happy when you are not


check out the p.s. for a 25% code. :)


being different separates you from others. my learning problems made me different. once i learned to be ok with 'different' me, my passions & happiness really took off (aka Frilliance).


you are amazing! being different is not a bad thing. it means you've found your 'you' ness.


i believe in your dreams,

           xoxo fiona <3


p.s. it would mean the world to me if you helped me with my dreams, use code: different for 25% off Frilliance Cream Blush & Illuminating Cream (and everything on


p.s.s. i am proud of every ingredient i used to formulate Frilliance. i found that popular brands use ingredients that are awful for teen skin (more on that in another email!).