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I Believe in YOUR dreams

Hey, I have missed you! 


We haven’t talked in a bit:).

(I know you get some promo emails. Now, I want to share more of me & my story with you.)


I want to learn more from you right now. So as I share my story, you can relate and (hopefully) learn from my experiences (and many mistakes). The survey is in the p.s. below. :)

This year (& 2020) have been so hard for me & so many of you.

One of my biggest struggles has been “figuring out my future” which honestly is one of the scariest tasks.


Building Frilliance has had many changes & challenges but WOW the outcome is so worth it.

Most people say to me “YouTube & having a brand is EASY.”

“Easy” is my least favorite word. Nothing is easy if you really think about it. I have learning challenges (dyslexia and amblyopia to name a few) that make traditional learning (anything with books) & same with jobs very difficult for me.


If you want to read about my learning issues, click here.


You might have your own challenges but it should not stop you from doing what YOU love, even if it’s difficult at times. I grow & learn so much from NOT doing the "easy" thing.


The thought of doing something I don’t love for the rest of my life is one of my worst nightmares (you might feel the same).

So don’t let anyone tell you that “your dream life or job is gonna be too hard to achieve.” Life is hard, which is the unfortunate truth, but remember the outcome is SO rewarding.

You have already been through so much ... school, boys, friendships, family & jobs. Some don’t have the best outcomes (as I have learned).

But your dream life or job is YOUR dream so it is worth being hard, challenging & difficult but at the same time rewarding, exciting & the surprises along the way.

I’m here to start sharing more of my own experiences so maybe they can help you in some way!


I believe in your dreams,          

xoxo Fiona



The link below is for you to tell me all about what is going on for you, your interests, goals, challenges & even skin struggles (my specialty) hehe.

Share what’s on your mind (this is anonymous). Click here. Remember I’m on your team.


Also … Frilliance has been my hardest & most rewarding project, I would appreciate it if you shared Frilliance with a friend or your family.


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