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Happy 2022

hey there! 2021 has definitely been an interesting/quirky/revival/_____ (fill in the blank!) year for many of us. i wanted to personally say thank you (a humongous thank you!) for supporting me and the Frilliance team! i have some exciting news coming in March 2022 (and can't wait to share it with you). new products are in the works too! also, check out the p.s. for a new program i am about to launch. 2022 is Frilliance's five-year anniversary -- all because of you! i created Frilliance to helps teens feel skin confident because i personally struggle with my own teen skin. we've sold out many times during 2021! we are working on better planning for the demand in 2022. (by the middle of January we should be re-stocking the Crystal Clear Lip Gloss & Perfecting Primer+Serum.) wishing you a successful, motivating & thrilling 2022 (with, of course ... clear skin :)) happy new year! i love you dearly, fiona p.s. i am going to be launching a program that is very important to me. my personal mission is to mentor young women like you to discover, explore, grow and make an impact -- in the workplace, entrepreneurial endeavors, leadership -- for decades to come. i believe each of you has a powerful personal brand inside of you -- i want to see you shine. if you want to be the first to know, fill out this form. i will only be taking on ten (10) girls to mentor.