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Consultation Disclaimer


Please read this Disclaimer carefully before booking any skincare consultation services on FIONA FRILLS.

You have selected to book a skincare consultation with FIONA FRILLS by completing the Calendly booking questionnaire. You acknowledge this skincare consultation is solely a 1-on-1 consultation with CEO Fiona Frills to provide you with personalized and individually tailored FIONA FRILLS product recommendations. You acknowledge that Fiona Frills is not a medical professional and will not provide any medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical recommendations. If you are experiencing any medical conditions (i.e., rashes, irritation, inflammation, etc.) or if believe you are experiencing any symptoms whereby you may need a licensed skincare professional, such as, a dermatologist or esthetician, please consult a licensed skincare professional.

By checking the yes box on the Calendly booking questionnaire, you fully understand that Fiona Frills is not a licensed professional and she will not be providing you with any medical advice, medical diagnosis, or any information that would normally be provided by a licensed skincare professional.