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Back to School Rep-Sponsored Giveaway | Frilliance Rep Program

Back to School Giveaway $250+ value

Frilliance Rep-Sponsored Giveaway


Grand Prize Value $250+:

  • Frilliance Everything+Perfecting Kit value $85
  • Back to School supplies used in Frilliance photoshoot value $75 

  • Target Gift Card value $100 


Giveaway Rules:

  • Follow each Frilliance Rep & Frilliance on Instagram


























  • Tag a friend for extra points 

  • Winner selected on Sept 8, 2020. Winner will be verified to be following each Rep account listed above.

*bold above are new since we launched. Please go back and tag any previous Grid posts. Going forward for any Grid or Stories post be sure to include all Reps listed above.


How to Join the Rep-Sponsored Giveaway

 Join Geneva and under the Chat insta username for giveaway put your Instagram user name for this giveaway. We'll update all our posts and message the Reps on Geneva to add you to their posts as well. Then, start promoting on your social media too!


What to Post on IG Grid (so there is a fixed place with all the rules & Reps):

Grand Prize (list everything in the Giveaway +250 value – as shown above)

Giveaway rules (listed above)

List (tag) of all Reps & Frilliance including Fiona


Key words to use in Grid or Stories:

**For each Story be sure to include each of the Reps listed above.

$250+ Frilliance & Target Gift Card Giveaway

Rules: follow all the Reps & Frilliance (you can tag or refer back to your post)

Frilliance Everything + Perfecting Kit

Back to School Supplies

Clean Teen Makeup

$100 Gift Card


Messages you can use for posting (use as you like):

Start your school year with healthy glowing skin (and some extra school supplies)!

Back to school giveaway $200+ value (Frilliance, School Supplies, $50 Target Gift Card)

Frilliance is more than just a beauty brand. We are a movement of teens helping teens. 

We sell clean, skin-care cosmetics for teens by teens; fighting acne and supporting healthy skin. We use our authentic voice to build confidence, knowledge, and business skills for teens everywhere. Learn more about our teen movement here. . (More as an FYI.)

Learn how to snag this $250+ giveaway!


Text Messages to Send to Family & Friends:

$250 Value Pack: Back-to-School Giveaway from Frilliance---products, supplies, gift card

Your chance to get a $250 Frilliance Back-to-School Value Pack---products, supplies, gift card

Get in on the $250 Frilliance Back-to-School Value Pack---products, supplies, gift card

 $250 of products, supplies, gift card... Frilliance Back-to-School Value Pack

Giving all my friends a shot at the $250 Frilliance Back-to-School Value Pack---products, supplies, gift card


    How to Promote:

    You can promote however you want and whenever you want.

    Ideas: on any IG account you have, Tik Tok, YouTube videos, texting friends and family.

    Post cute short back to school tutorials using Frilliance


    Frilliance will provide:

     Back to school photos and images from Fiona’s latest photo shoot at this link: (right click and Save Image As …)

    Marketing copy (messages you can use too) in this document and more through-out the month.


    Fiona & Frilliance will promoting this!


    Notes to Reps:

    We are going to call this a Frilliance Rep sponsored giveaway because you all are doing the work of promoting this! (Frilliance is behind the scenes promoting this for you.)


    If new Reps join in, then your next Story post you can include the updates list of the Reps. Please go back and update/tag the new Reps in any Grid posts. We want to include any Rep that wants to be involved in this giveaway. The more the merrier! 


    Once you set your IG account for this giveaway, we won't change this. It will get confusing and there are quite a few accounts that the Giveaway Entrants need to follow. 


    Frilliance will select a potential winner. Then you will need to verify they are following you. We’ll figure the way you will let us know this. If the potential winner is not following all, then we’ll move to the next one. The final winner will only be announced.