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i did NOT set out to be an influencer

i did NOT set out to be an influencer. 

back in the day, when i first started recording YouTube videos, it was solely to entertain myself –  trying odd food challenges and making my own lip gloss out of crayons and Vaseline were not exactly strategic moves to gain millions (which is literally crazy) of followers. 

but after a while, i found that (particularly when it came to beauty products), i really did love sharing my finds and trying out trends (i’ve moved on from crayon to lip gloss) finally thank god. 

since i never really planned to become a social media personality, i wasn’t exactly prepared for some of the odder parts of life online. 

after i figured out that people were actually watching this thing, i started to sweat over what kind of content i should actually produce – what do people want to see? what could go viral? what am i interested in?? all of a sudden, i felt like i needed to find a niche, and fast. 

it’s also really strange experience to know that there are thousands of people watching you that you’ve never met — and while sometimes it almost doesn’t feel real, when people comment on your every move — and some comments are really judgmental and intensely mean — the faceless accounts on the other side of the screen feel a lot more real, and not in a good way.

on the other hand, i’ll never forget the first time i met a subscriber in real life, and how cool it was to see that what i’ve shared has made a positive impact on someone. 

it reminded me why i’ve kept making videos on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok all of these years later. 

even if i didn’t start my first channel with the intention of making it my career, i’m really glad i did. 

it’s reminded me – in good times and in bad – that everyone i interact with online is a real person, who i could very well run into on the street one day…and therefore, i should always keep being a kind, real, human at the forefront of everything i produce – that is my niche. 

social media is a strange and occasionally scary thing – but it’s brought us together here, right now. 

and for that, i’m really REALLY grateful. thank you for being here :) i appreciate you more than you know. 



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