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No escaping the grasp of social media?!

there’s almost no escaping the grasp of social media.

kids as young as 10 (and sometimes younger!) are on tiktok now, taking in every single video they see like a sponge.

and look, i’ll be the last one to criticize it because let’s face it — i was also one of those 10-year-olds on social media!!!

and it worked out because here we are, haha.

but after a decade of different platforms and different trends and different life lessons, there is something i want to pass on to other kids and teens who may be starting their own accounts and spending hours online — remember who you are.

there’s a new, cool tiktoker every minute, and while it may be tempting to try and immediately become just like them — by the time you do, there will be another new, cool tiktoker to replace them.

(see the p.s. below on my youtube channel!!)

trying to chase the personality of the day and keep up with what’s cool is, frankly, exhausting.

too many years of “copy paste”-ing yourself into a new personality go by and all of a sudden — you’ll look back at yourself and have no idea who you are — and that’s far worse than missing out on a trend.

the best thing about social media is the nearly endless amount of creativity out there — take it in, follow your faves and of course, take inspiration from the people you’ve grown to trust and identify with!

but in the end, there’s only one you — so take that inspiration and put your own unique, beautiful spin on it.

no one can be exactly who you are. my advice for being on social media? be the best version of you, but still be you.

over the years, i’ve gotten tons of DMs from people who thanked me for being true to myself, despite all of the other options out there.

and while it has not.always.been.easy!

i think it’s been worth it to know that at least one other person out there appreciated seeing someone be authentically themselves.

it’s how we build real community in the sometimes overwhelming ocean of the internet, and i’m going to keep doing it — join me?


xoxo, fiona

p.s. i started my youtube channel ~10 years ago! and this past weekend i just passed 1 million subscribers! i am forever grateful for your support. <3

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