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Coconut Oil = Comedogenic?

Coconut Oil = Comedogenic?
Coconut Oil = Comedogenic?

I don’t put coconut oil or any product with coconut oil on my face. So, what’s the story behind coconut oil and acne-prone (aka teen-prone) skin?

Coconut is considered a 4 on the comedogenic scale (this measures how pore-clogging an ingredient is, rated 0-5 with 5 being the most pore-clogging). Anything above a 3 on the comedogenic scale is on my no-no list for ingredients (and products) to put on my face. Why risk clogged pores when there are better alternatives. 

Frilliance is non-comedogenic and we never use coconut-derived ingredients in my formulations. 

One of my favorite go-to sites to check comedogenic ingredients is Skin Salvation. This site has a comprehensive list of ingredients with each one rated on the comedogenic scale. Just for reference, these are what the numbers on the chart mean.

0 - Will Not Clog Pores
1 - Low probability
2 - Moderately Low
3 - Moderate
4 - Fairly High
5 - High probability it will clog pores


Bustle has a post with alternatives to coconut oil. Worth the read too. 

Good to know. Now you decide.